Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How Was my Trip North?


I went to Buttercup in Manhattan, the famous cupcake store opened by the ex-lover of the Magnolia owner (of Sex and City fame, when Magnolia owner and Buttercup lady broke up they had a public fight over who first made a hummingbird cupcake.) So I had to try it. Dude, you can buy cupcakes and cheesecake that crappy at Stop and Shop or Target. The frosting is flourescent (never a good sign). The peanut butter cheesecake tasted like it was made from an instant cheesecake mix. I had two bites of my spice cupcake, then fed the rest to the pigeons that live on my sister's roof. At least they enjoyed it.

And Kudos to Boston. Closing the one exit to the airport from the Expressway provided stimulation my 4 am drive to the airport might have otherwise lacked. Joke's on you Boston. I made the flight.

P.S. If you're wondering why the font and title look so awesome, thank Sean. Thanks Sean.